Since Mad World ended up being an insanely intricate story, I didn’t think that I should put it all on one page at Crimson Glass. Like Damaged and Hand Me Down, I wanted some room to spread out.

Mad World is going to have three separate books published over the next year or two. The first, Break Me Down, will be published starting October 8, 2018 and concluding sometime in December. I will be posting two chapters a week.

Book 2, as yet untitled, should be out sometime in 2019. I had initially planned to post the first two books back to back, but it’s taking longer than I thought to write Book 2, and it may not be ready until January or February.

Book 3, also untitled, will not be published until later in 2019 or early 2020. (Let’s just stop and consider the fact that we’re here right now. How did we get almost to 2019 already? Lord.)

See you guys on October 8 for the first two chapters!

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