Mad World Ebook

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I’m going to be changing the ebook page at some point — I really don’t like the way it’s organized and I feel like it’s kind of a hidden. A lot of readers probably don’t even know I offer them for some of the stories. I just haven’t settled on a way to present it yet. But for now, you can download Mad World, Book 1 in .epub format. I’ll be adding the .mobi and .pdf versions later this week.

I also put up a tentative schedule for the next ebooks — Bittersweet & Mad World Book 2, one a month. Book 2 will definitely be up (along with an option to download both volumes in one ebook). I’m experimenting with how long it takes me to create an ebook for an older story to see if I can manage a new one every month or if I need more time. I have a lot of novels and novellas I’m sure readers would appreciate being able to unhook from a computer and curl up with some fanfiction.


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