September 5, 2019

Your update: Mad World – Chapter Thirty

I appreciated the response to Chapter 29 of MW. These chapters surrounding what happened in 29 and the reactions were some of the most difficult to write and part of where the story got hung up for me in May and June. I’m glad the trigger and content warnings have been helpful. Please let me know if I miss any.


September 2, 2019

Your update link: Ebooks

I’m going to be changing the ebook page at some point — I really don’t like the way it’s organized and I feel like it’s kind of a hidden. A lot of readers probably don’t even know I offer them for some of the stories. I just haven’t settled on a way to present it yet. But for now, you can download Mad World, Book 1 in .epub format. I’ll be adding the .mobi and .pdf versions later this week.

I also put up a tentative schedule for the next ebooks — Bittersweet & Mad World Book 2, one a month. Book 2 will definitely be up (along with an option to download both volumes in one ebook). I’m experimenting with how long it takes me to create an ebook for an older story to see if I can manage a new one every month or if I need more time. I have a lot of novels and novellas I’m sure readers would appreciate being able to unhook from a computer and curl up with some fanfiction.


Your update: Mad World – Chapter Twenty-Nine (Content Warning).

Not a lot of chatter here because I’ll be back later today with an ebook update for Mad World, Book 1. So enjoy this chapter and if you miss my babbling, it’ll come later 😛

August 26, 2019

Your Update: Mad World – Chapter Twenty-Seven. Please note that the final scene in this chapter has a trigger warning attached as Elizabeth deals with her rape. The whole story has a content warning, but I’m labeling specific chapters where I go into more details than some readers might be able to handle.

I’m looking forward to this week’s content — the scene in question for Chapter 27 was actually written two years ago, during the first draft of Mad World before I turned into a trilogy. I’m glad I finally get to release it.

As most of you read this, I’ll be in the middle of my first day at my new long-term substitute position. I’m pretty excited to start — this week is all staff development, and I’m looking forward to seeing my classroom, the curriculum, and getting settled before classes start next Tuesday.

Writing wise, I managed to finish three chapters of Fool Me Twice last week. I had hoped to write through Chapter Five, but I only got through Chapter Three. That’s not a big deal honestly — the first week or two of any project takes some time to get going. Every story has its own voice and momentum, and something like FMT is probably going to need some time to settle in. Since I came back to writing in 2014, I haven’t written anything for GH set later than 2006 other than Damaged which doesn’t really count in my eyes since I changed so much. I’m getting a handle on the voices of Liz and Jason after all this time has passed, and doing the work GH refused to do — figuring out exactly who Drew and Sam are.

I also launched the new tiers for Patreon and revised the benefits there. There’s a few more things in the works, but most of the benefits are what I suggested earlier this month. The support levels range from $1-10 and there are a few different rewards at every level. This support has allowed me to keep the lights on at Crimson Glass and I’m hoping to expand into creating more promotional materials for my stories. I liked the promo I made The Best Thing back in the day, and I know there’s video editing software out there I can use to make similar ones.

August 15, 2019

Here’s your Thursday update: Mad World – Chapter Twenty Four.

August is a special month for the Liason fanbase, and following the #Liason20 hashtag at Twitter will keep you up to date on all the screencaps, videos, and memories being shared by active members. It’s hard to believe it’s been twenty years since that day in August when our favorite couple saw each other through different eyes — they didn’t meet on August 27 for the first time, but it’s definitely the day Jason stopped being just Emily’s brother.

I’m writing this on August 14, and it will be posted on August 15 — two landmark anniversary dates for us. The Vista Point Kiss in 2002 and of course the Night of Passion in 2006. I was spoiled for the NOP and wrote Choose Your Moment in anticipation, thinking that we weren’t going to get anything all that great. This was the one time when GH’s writing far out paced anything I could have written for Liason. Guza went above and beyond in those glorious scenes. A love letter to those of us who had waited for so long.

I’m nearly finished editing the posting draft of Mad World — I finished Chapter 40 today, and will get through four more chapters tomorrow. I was hoping to finish on Friday, but I ended up adding an extra chapter at the very end of the story which might end pushing my final date to Saturday.That’s no worry– that’s the date of completion on the Production schedule. I was just hoping for a day off, ha.

August 12, 2019

Hey guys! It’s Monday, so that you means you get an update of Mad World. This is the first chapter I’ve labeled with a content warning for the final scene. You can skip that scene if you need to, or read half of it. There will be probably two or three other chapters labeled with a warning. For more details (and minor spoilers), you can check out the Content Notes.

Enjoy today’s chapter and I’ll see you guys back here on Thursday!

Mad World – Chapter 23