August 15, 2019

Here’s your Thursday update: Mad World – Chapter Twenty Four.

August is a special month for the Liason fanbase, and following the #Liason20 hashtag at Twitter will keep you up to date on all the screencaps, videos, and memories being shared by active members. It’s hard to believe it’s been twenty years since that day in August when our favorite couple saw each other through different eyes — they didn’t meet on August 27 for the first time, but it’s definitely the day Jason stopped being just Emily’s brother.

I’m writing this on August 14, and it will be posted on August 15 — two landmark anniversary dates for us. The Vista Point Kiss in 2002 and of course the Night of Passion in 2006. I was spoiled for the NOP and wrote Choose Your Moment in anticipation, thinking that we weren’t going to get anything all that great. This was the one time when GH’s writing far out paced anything I could have written for Liason. Guza went above and beyond in those glorious scenes. A love letter to those of us who had waited for so long.

I’m nearly finished editing the posting draft of Mad World — I finished Chapter 40 today, and will get through four more chapters tomorrow. I was hoping to finish on Friday, but I ended up adding an extra chapter at the very end of the story which might end pushing my final date to Saturday.That’s no worry– that’s the date of completion on the Production schedule. I was just hoping for a day off, ha.

August 12, 2019

Hey guys! It’s Monday, so that you means you get an update of Mad World. This is the first chapter I’ve labeled with a content warning for the final scene. You can skip that scene if you need to, or read half of it. There will be probably two or three other chapters labeled with a warning. For more details (and minor spoilers), you can check out the Content Notes.

Enjoy today’s chapter and I’ll see you guys back here on Thursday!

Mad World – Chapter 23

August 8, 2019

Here’s your update for this week: Mad World – Chapter 22.

I also updated the Trigger Warning page and renamed it as Content Notes. I’m refining how best to handle this — it’s the first story I’ve written that really needs it so I’m a bit inexperienced.

I’ve got some changes coming at Crimson Glass. Nothing crazy, but just a more informed idea of what I’m posting, when, and some rewards for my Patreon supporters.

August 5, 2019

Thanks so much for the great feedback for the first chapter. I’ve been working hard on my revisions and I’m already completely done through Chapter 25. I was hoping to get through four or five chapters a day but between the revisions, new additions, and general clean up, it’s more like two chapters a day. That’s good though — because each day I’m clearing a week’s worth of chapters.

So glad some of you guys like Lucky and Kelsey — there’s more ahead for them!

Chapter 21

August 1, 2019

I cannot believe I finally get to schedule this update! I’ll be posting new chapters every Monday & Thursday.

I finished the first draft and preliminary edits on July 15, but I got super sick right after and wasn’t able to finish revising and rewriting some of the scenes. That’s not going to affect posting here but since I might be rewriting a few scenes right up against the deadline for another week, I will only be posting the chapters here at the site. It’s easier to update and fix any missed typos if they’re on one site. It should be done in another week or so.

A lot of thanks to Ang and to Cora for reading this over and for all of you that have kept up with the site and left reviews for Book 1. I’m excited for you guys to see where I take the story.

Book 3 is loosely plotted already, but a lot of the details and subplots haven’t been developed yet so I’ll be interested in what characters and stories you like in Book 2 which has more of an ensemble feel. I hope you like this!

Chapter 20

July 21, 2019

Hey! I updated the layout. One, it desperately needed it. I always intended to come back and make a better header image so with Book 2 coming in August, it seemed like a natural time to just give the whole thing a refresh. Let me know if any colors don’t work for you.

I cleaned up the Cast List page because there were some typos and also posted the skeleton page for Book 2 so I can start creating the cast list and getting it ready. It will premiere August 1 and will be posted for about three and a half months on Mondays & Wednesdays.

Feedback is going to be really important in this second book because I haven’t done much with plotting Book 3. I’ve got a huge ensemble cast for Book 2 (but don’t worry — Jason & Liz are playing big roles and all the stories come back to them at the end) so I want to know which characters and stories you want to see more of in the third book.

I’ll be in and out, posting content and tweaking a few things. I also added a subscription box so that you can subscribe to updates here. If you’re already subscribed at Crimson Glass, don’t worry — you’ll get updated there. But if you’re only interested in Mad World updates or you want to make double sure you don’t miss an update here.

December 5, 2018

I can’t believe we’re actually here! Thank you so much for taking this journey with me. My goal with splitting Mad World into three parts was to redo this panic room storyline and have it make more impact than it did on the actual show. Each book is designed to be a self-contained story, so I hope you feel like when I leave you here after Chapter 19, that there’s satisfactory closure.

I don’t yet have a date for Book 2, and a lot of that depends on how the next two months of my life goes. I’m finally writing Damaged, Season 3 (which is about two years overdue), and if I finish that by the beginning of February, I’ll be writing Book 2 in Febuary and March. I already have seven of the thirty planned chapters written, so believe me, I’m working on it.

Let me know what you think of this story as a whole — what are you looking forward to in the next book? What did you like about this book? Make sure to read my author’s note at the end for some clues 😉

Thanks for following me on this journey. This book is probably one of my favorite writing experiences. I had written Chapters 1-4 about a year ago, but then, in the space of three weeks, I wrote more than 70,000 words. I can’t really remember another time a story came together quite like this.

Chapter Nineteen

December 3, 2018

Here we are at the last week of Mad World, Book 1, which is incredible to me. This was such a labor of love for me — this book went through so many revisions and drafts that I almost can’t believe we’re posting it.

In this particular chapter, I’m using some terminology and ideas I read in an amazing book called Rising Strong by BrenĂ© Brown. I’m not usually one for self-help books, but I read that one as part of a podcast called Big Strong Yes. It really helped me kind of reset my own world view so when it came time to write Elizabeth’s therapy session with Gail, it seemed like a natural fit.

Here is Chapter Eighteen. I hope you like it!

November 28, 2018

Hey! Today I’m posting Chapter Seventeen. I honestly cannot believe we only have two chapters left or that this story is over next week. The feedback has been great and I love that you guys are picking up and appreciating the PCPD world I’m building, because you really need to buy into that for the next book.

Chapter Seventeen

November 26, 2018

I am so sorry that I didn’t post this earlier today. It’s just been the weekend from hell. But I took about two hours today so that I could edit AND schedule the last four chapters. So we are ready to go for the next week and a half. All I have to do is write the little post that actually gets emailed to you guys. I’m writing this one now and then I’ll schedule the rest tomorrow. I have to go eat dinner and work on my paper.

Chapter Sixteen