July 21, 2019

Hey! I updated the layout. One, it desperately needed it. I always intended to come back and make a better header image so with Book 2 coming in August, it seemed like a natural time to just give the whole thing a refresh. Let me know if any colors don’t work for you.

I cleaned up the Cast List page because there were some typos and also posted the skeleton page for Book 2 so I can start creating the cast list and getting it ready. It will premiere August 1 and will be posted for about three and a half months on Mondays & Wednesdays.

Feedback is going to be really important in this second book because I haven’t done much with plotting Book 3. I’ve got a huge ensemble cast for Book 2 (but don’t worry — Jason & Liz are playing big roles and all the stories come back to them at the end) so I want to know which characters and stories you want to see more of in the third book.

I’ll be in and out, posting content and tweaking a few things. I also added a subscription box so that you can subscribe to updates here. If you’re already subscribed at Crimson Glass, don’t worry — you’ll get updated there. But if you’re only interested in Mad World updates or you want to make double sure you don’t miss an update here.